Investment Offer

Real Daily Profits! The best investment plans you can ever imagine

Due to technical experts and financial managers, the company has entered the investments market, offering its clients favorable condition of trust management. Your first income as well as subsequent ones will be calculated on the balance of the account once in every 24 hours from the moment of deposit placement. Our experts will do all the work for you. You simply choose the plan, invest and watch your investment grow daily with steady profits.

The BitoChain offers the favorable and unique investment plan. The three plans offered are with different profits and investment. Our system enables our investors to decide how much to invest by choosing plans for profit that they want to earn. The bigger you invest, the more profit you earn.

You can choose a plan and start with minimum investment of 0.002 BTC and maximum of 1.99 BTC to get daily profit of 10%. You will 12% daily profit with another plan of minimum investment of 2 BTC to maximum 4.99 BTC. The profits do not end here. You can also choose the highest plans with investment of minimum 5 BTC to unlimited investment with profit returns of 15% daily.

Daily Profit


Weekly Profit


Monthly Profit